Complaints Policy

All complaints are taken seriously and dealt with respectfully.

All complaints made against the Institute are taken very seriously and will be addressed with the hope of resolution within 14 days of receipt.

Complaints must be made in writing and emailed to Shane Hill at:
Or Mysti Newton the IAHE - International Coordinator and Educational Counselor at:

Complaints will be formally acknowledged within four business days, in writing.

Please include detail to describe the complaint, and provide any other supporting evidence where applicable.

THE Barral Institute Australia (BIA) will act upon any substantiated complaint.

A complaint can be about any aspect of BIA. However, if the nature of the complaint refers to a criminal matter or where the welfare of people is in danger, BIA will seek permission from the participant prior to forwarding the complaint to a relevant authority such as the police, legal representatives or the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Complainants will be notified at all times on the progress of their complaint, by email.
All complaints will be kept on file for a maximum of five years from the time the case is resolved, as this will assist BIA to continuously improve.

Confidentiality is paramount at all times.
BIA upholds Australian Law.


The complainant can appeal the decision BIA makes about the complaint.

Appeals will be formally acknowledged within four business days, in writing.

If you feel that your complaint, and appeal, has not been addressed to your satisfaction, your complaint should then be forwarded to your Professional Association, or to the Health Ombudsman (HCCC) in your state or territory, or to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in your state or territory.