Study Groups

Study groups provide an excellent avenue for practicing your skills and further refining your understanding of concepts through sharing experiences and asking questions of other like-minded practitioners. Study groups are designed to encourage hands-on practice, technique review and an opportunity to have questions answered. All study groups are run by authorised BI Instructors, Certified Practitioners and Teaching Assistants.

Below you will find the locations, dates and costs for study groups online and around Australia. If you wish to attend any of these study groups or are interested in attending future study groups, please contact the relevant facilitator.

City Facilitator Contact Location Date & Times
ONLINE Ron Mariotti, ND, BI-D Link to VM Study Group Page Continuous
Melbourne Roslyn Ratcliff, PT, CST-T, CVTP 0419 391562
Resilience Massage and Training - Sth Melb VM study group Sun 30 June 2024
9am - 12pm
Brisbane Browen Kendall, PT, CVTP 0427 814161
The Gap VM Study Group