Listening Techniques 2: An Integrative Approach to Evaluation (LT2)

CPD/CPE: 18hrs

Full Fee: $1500inc GST. The Saver Price of $1300 is available till the 14th March 2026.

Course Description

This three day course is designed to reinforce the powerful evaluation tools known as "listening" skills and techniques initially gained in LT1. Listening Techniques are palpation tools developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, which enable practitioners to fine-tune their assessment skills to determine which body structures are involved and identify the best approach for treatment results.

No matter what types of modalities you practice, expanding your evaluation abilities with this powerful technique will enhance your treatment outcomes.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct a focused ‘listening’ on the brain, nerves, vascular system and articulations;
  • Learn "listening skills" (palpation procedure) that help guide to the proper manipulation site;
  • Learn to interpret information the body is offering regarding imbalances and dysfunctions;
  • Explore, through ‘listening’, how to determine which body structures are involved, and identify the best approach for treatment results;
  • Practice listening to the body systems as they respond to treatments;
  • Learn to identify the correct approach when working on different parts of the body and with different clients.

Prerequisites: LT1 and VM3 or VM4. A year of experience using the LT1 material.

Recommendation: NM1 and VM6 course attendance are not required, but recommended as this course material can enhance your LT2 workshop experience.


Gail-Weztler-2014Gail Wetzler currently owns an integrative physical therapy practice in Denver, Colorado, where they treat orthopedic, fascial/muscular/soft tissue, neurologic, pain,respiratory, digestive, mTBI and women's and men's health issues. After receiving her initial degree in physical therapy, she pursued her first experience in acute orthopedic care at Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach California. Within 1 year, she became the outpatient clinical supervisor and thus began her journey and desire for continuing education in the science and art of human movement and function. She studied with Travell and Simons, Mennell, Kaltenborn, Maitland, McKenzie, Mitchell, Jones and Greenman in the earlier years of manual therapy education. Inspired by these methods of treatment, she became an assistant teacher to Dr. Janet Travell and later an instructor with the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) developed by Gregg Johnson and Vicky Saliba Johnson.

In a few years, she developed her own private practice, at which time she received a large number of head, neck and TMJ pain patients. This became a driver to learn more about cranial osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and how the fields of physical therapy and dentistry could collaborate to help these patients. As she pursued continuing education classes with Dr. John Upledger, he inspired her to learn more about the different systems in the body and how they all integrated for function. During one of her earlier speaking engagements for the Upledger Institute ( Beyond the Dura), she met Jean Pierre Barral DO, who inspired the importance of anatomy, the ability to listen to the body and the specificity of tissue dialogue in manual therapy techniques. She has listened and followed his mentoring into understanding the body's deeper fascial relationship of the viscera, vascular, neurological and manual articular systems since 1989. Gail has been an instructor for the Barral Institute (BI) since 1991 and became the BI Curriculum Director in 2001.

In her career, she has been invited to speak at multiple professional conferences including National and State levels for the APTA, USC Head, Neck and Facial Pain Clinic, University of California, Irvine (UCI), Beyond the Dura Research Conferences, "Hope" Head Injury Organization, and was the keynote speaker in Italy for the Fascial Manipulation Research Conference presented by Antonio, Carla and Luigi Stecco. She is the Past Director of Physical Therapy for the Integrative Medicine Center at UCI. She is currently part of the Research Team for the Upledger Foundation for their recent studies on Post Concussion Recovery She currently teaches for the Women's Health Section of the APTA "Gynecological Visceral Manipulation". Gail is currently the US facilitator and an assistant for the Diane Lee continuing education series, Integrated Systems Model (ISM) .

Gail earned her Diplomate from the Barral Institute in 2005. She earned her Equine Diplomate in Osteopathy from Vluggen Institute of Equine Osteopathy in 2009 and she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago, in 2013.

Professional Associations / Memberships

American Physical Therapy Association
International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Physical Therapist of the Year, 1973, American Physical Therapy Association


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